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Fringe Icons in a multi-fandom icon post

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The rest can be found HERE @ [community profile] maleficium_gs.

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I have made icons! 23 icons from this week's episode of Fringe "Letters Of Transit" and thus the icons are spoilery. So spoilery that I'm not sure what icon to use as a teaser so I shall use a generic Walter one:

You can find the rest of the icons here at [community profile] two_inches_wide

The icons were mainly made for [community profile] thefandomzoo's "A focus on colours" challenge.

In case you are interested:

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01-08 Food(Tarteletteblog)
09-11 Sherlock
12-18 Sarah Connor Chronicles
19-19 Chronicles of Riddick
20-21 Parks and Recreation
22-28 Once Upon A Time
29-30 Nikita
31-40 New Girl
41-41 Luther
42-42 Legend pf the Seeker
43-43 Lost Girl
44-46 Leverage
47-59 Haven
60-68 Fringe
69-70 Cougar Town
71-71 Suits
72-73 Covert Affairs
74-78 American Horror Story

Rest here.
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01-01 Warehouse 13
02-07 Vampire Diaries
08-10 United States of Tara
11-12 True Blood
13-17 Supernatural
18-21 The Sarah Connor Chronicles
22-24 Rizzoli & Isles
25-29 Parks and Recreation
30-32 Nikita
33-37 Misfits
38-40 legend of the Seeker
41-47 Lost Girl
48-50 The Closer
51-51 Community cast
52-52 game of Thrones
53-53 Glee
54-71 Fringe
72-79 Dexter
80-82 Downton Abbey
83-89 Community
90-91 Young Allies(comic)
92-94 The Borgias

The rest here @ [community profile] forsquares.
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More here at [community profile] elfish_icons.  Sort of spoliery for Entrada.
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I, uh... made a bunch of Brown Betty icons.


Here, here, and here @ [community profile] elfish_icons .


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