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Fringe transcripts

Does anyone have a link to Fringe episode transcripts? The site I had previously used has gone down. I found another site but the episode I'm looking at is blocks of text. Maybe it's still raw captioning?

I'm working on an episode tag for 4.20. After rewatching the episode, I find I'm very dependent on having the words on the page to refer back to as I'm writing.

If no one knows of a better option, I guess I know what I'll be doing in my spare time.
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New Vid

Vid Title Blonde/Redhead
fandom Fringe
song: "Blonde Redhead" by DNA
vidder: seekingferret
Warnings: None that I can think of, tell me if I missed something
summary Oliva vs. Altlivia. Unfinished but close enough.

Vid link is here
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Fic: Four Near Misses

I wrote this for [community profile] rarelywritten.

Four Near Misses (5296 words) by wendelah1
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Fringe
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Elizabeth Bishop/Walter Bishop
Characters: Elizabeth Bishop, Walter Bishop, Nina Sharp, Peter Bishop
Additional Tags: Canonical Character Death, Suicidal Thoughts, Fix-It, Alternate Universe

Four universes, four times Elizabeth Bishop doesn't die.

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Fringe Rewatch and Not Prime Time

I have two announcements and I should have made both weeks ago.

[community profile] fringe_rewatch is in the midst of season five, our final season. It's the usual schedule: two episodes per week. Friday's episode was "The Bullet That Saved the World," posted by [personal profile] sprocket, who has kindly taken on 5x03, 5x04, and 5x05 for me. Tuesday we'll be watching "An Origin Story." We'd love to see you there, especially since May is our last month.

The other announcement is that Fringe is eligible for [community profile] not_primetime exchange.

In about two hours, midnight EST, the signup for [community profile] not_primetime will close.

Here is the link to the last admin post: Sign Ups Close April 30.

The link to sign up: Not Prime Time Sign Up

The link to the Summary Post so you can see what other people are asking for and have offered: Summary Post

You only have to offer three fandoms: Fringe plus two others. The list was expanded this year to include some megafandoms: The X-Files, Harry Potter, and multiple comic fandoms, including MCU, are all eligible.

Well, I'm going to post this at all of the usual places. Even if you don't sign up, you can write pinch hits and treats.
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Etta vid!

Vid Title Joy to the City
fandom Fringe
song: "Joy to You Baby" by Josh Ritter
vidder: seekingferret
Warnings: None that I can think of, tell me if I missed something
summary Etta's full season 5 arc.

Link to the Vid
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Fringe Rewatch is back

Hi, everyone. This is just a quick reminder that [community profile] fringe_rewatch is back starting next week with season four.

I hope to see you there.

[community profile] fringe_rewatch
Every Tuesday and Friday, beginning January 20
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Fringe Exchange Is Live

The Master Post for [community profile] fringe_exchange is live. We have 21 fanworks, including fanfic, fanart, graphics, podfic, and even a vid! Go and enjoy and (please) comment.

Some people got extra gifts which reminded me of Yuletide madness. So I thought, why can't we do that at [community profile] fringe_exchange?

Fringe Exchange Madness will run for one week, ending the day of the reveal.

If you have fics or ficlets or drabbles, stories which were too short to post for a main gift, finish and post them.

If there's a fic that just needed something but you ran out of time, two days ago or two years ago, now is your chance.

If you've been meaning to write that tentacle porn/spanking/Nina-Walter-William Bell threesome prompt from the [community profile] fringe_kinkmeme, don't keep procrastinating. Just go for it. (This is what anon posts are all about!)

If you have icons that you wish you'd posted but didn't and now everyone's moved to Tumblr; if there's a drawing, or a podfic, or just anything extra that would brighten the day of someone in this fandom, what are you waiting for? Make it happen. POST IT. Gift it to one of the participants, or to the fandom as a whole, your choice.

 photo 2d7b2048-3427-4b8c-9969-f3ea7eafdc12_zps41b89d9f.png
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Fringe Exchange Signups are open

Yes, it's that time again.

The Fringe Gift Exchange is a multi-media gift exchange, open to writers, podficcers, artists, and vidders; on the fic side, anything goes—all we ask for is a minimum word count of 750, that kinks are tagged, and warnings included.

Come join us.

[community profile] fringe_exchange
A Fringe gift exchange for the holidays, signups end October 1!
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Fic: "Second Chances" - The X-Files/Fringe

I wrote this for [community profile] crossovering. It's a prequel to an earlier fic, Reason, which is also set in the Fringe canon alternate universe; however, both stories work as stand-alones.

Second Chances (7664 words) by wendelah1
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: The X-Files, Fringe
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Fox Mulder & Dana Scully, Fox Mulder/Dana Scully
Characters: Fox Mulder, Dana Scully, Charlie Francis
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Canon, Case Fic

The man who broke Donnie Pfaster out of prison is tearing holes in the fabric of the universe. It's The X-Files episode "Orison," in the canon AU of Fringe.

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Fringe Rewatch Season Two

This is just a quick reminder that on July 1st [community profile] fringe_rewatch will resume with "A New Day in the Old Town," the first episode of season two. That's today! We'll take July 4th off and come back on the 8th with "Night of Desirable Objects." The full schedule is here: Season Two schedule.

 photo 2d6b5494-5e4e-4d06-8f5f-44d575c7ab14_zps2681bc13.jpg

[community profile] fringe_rewatch

There are more banners here if you would like to help get the word out.
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New: The Fringe Rewatch Community

As I've been threatening to do, I made a community to rewatch Fringe. We'll watch two episodes a week beginning the first of April. This is not a live watch so you can watch the episodes at your convenience and contribute to the discussion when you're able. Membership is open to all.

[community profile] fringe_rewatch
Every Tuesday and Friday, beginning April 1

I hope to see you there. Yeah, this my favorite Olivia cap. It's gotta be the glasses.
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Fringe Exchange is live!

Olivia Dunham reading at her computer; text: Happy Holidays. Fringe Exchange is live!

Just what the banner says: [community profile] fringe_exchange is live. There are ten new stories and a new vid posted for your enjoyment. The Master Post is already up.

Banner courtesy of [tumblr.com profile] cortexiphancaps.
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LAST DAY to Sign Up

[description: Olivia Dunham at her laptop, wearing glasses and looking scrumptious. Caption: I’ve got so many great ideas, I don’t know where to start.]

Today is the last day to sign up for Fringe Exchange. I'll be closing signups at 11:00 pm my time (PDST), which should give people in the rest of the time zones plenty of leeway. To recap:

The Fringe Gift Exchange is open to fanfic, podfic, fanart, and fanvids; on the fic side, anything goes— all we ask for is a minimum word count of 750, that kinks are tagged, and warnings included. RESPONSES to gift requests are to be posted by December 2. More details at the sign-up post.

You do not need a Dreamwidth account to participate.

Publicity is encouraged.
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Fringe Exchange

[description: Redverse Lincoln Lee. Caption: Top of image: Fringe Exchange. Below image: Do not let me down, people.]

It's that time again. Anyone feeling in a festive mood for Fringe? Signups at [community profile] fringe_exchange, beginning now, ending September 27.

We're a small fandom, so please advertise this gift exchange anywhere you think would be appropriate.

If you have questions, PM me.

Graphic made possible by [tumblr.com profile] cortexiphancaps
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Fic - The Problem with Dystopias

Title: The Problem with Dystopias
Fandom: Fringe
Genre: Background Het, Olivia/Peter
Rating: PG
Length: ~3,000 words
Warnings/Spoilers: Set post-series.
Synopsis: Precautionary order was not always a bad thing, especially when the outcome was a happy, healthy family (or as close to one as possible in this reality).
Author's Notes: For the "dystopia" square at [community profile] hc_bingo.
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters and am making no profit from this.

Read on Live Journal.

Read on Dreamwidth.

Read on AO3.
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fic: Open the Skies

Open the Skies (10956 words)
Fandom: Fringe, Star Trek: The Original Series
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Summary: An encounter, but not at Farpoint.

Inspired by Mirror, Darkly. Much thanks to [personal profile] kerithwyn for beta reading.

Open the Skies @ AO3
Open the Skies @ DW
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2 x fics + Fic Plot Meme

Title: Open All The Doors
alt!Olivia/alt!Lincoln, alt!Olivia/Lincoln, mentions of Olivia/Lincoln, Olivia/Peter and alt!Olivia/Peter, also Dunham kids
To 5x12
character death, too many AU's, angst angst and angst
5 ways they weren't (and one way they were) for Liv/Lincoln. 6 AU's of canon red and blue verses.

LINKS: on LJ | on DW | on Ao3 | on FF.net.

Title: Mind The Gap
Author: Purpleyin
Characters/Pairings: alt!Olivia/alt!Lincoln UR/UST, with some amber!Olivia
Up to 4x09 "Enemy of My Enemy"
Lincoln Lee knows Olivia Dunham better than anyone, yet it's not enough.

on LJ | on DW | on Ao3 | on FF.net.

Also, I've started a Fringe prompt meme post over here for fanwork ideas specifically with plot, as opposed to just kink that the fringe-kinkmeme caters to - so if you have any languishing Fringe fanwork ideas which involve a plot that you'd like to see done consider leaving a prompt on the meme and if you're looking for inspiration come take a peek to see if anything tempts you. :)
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New Vid: "Made White As Snow"

Happy Valentine's Day! This is a vid about love, albeit not necessarily the kind usually associated with February 14th...

Title: Made White As Snow
Song/Artist: "Five Hebrew Love Songs: Éyze Shéleg! (What Snow!)", composed by Eric Whitacre
Fandom/Characters: Fringe, Walter&Peter-centric
Spoilers: Through 4.20
Length: 2:08
Summary: Every Walter Bishop bears a powerful and terrifying love for every version of his son. Now he must let Peter go.
Notes: Title comes from Isaiah 1:18: "And then come, and accuse me, saith the Lord; if your sins be as scarlet, they shall be made as white as snow." Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] tarzanic for the excellent beta!

Streaming embed and download at my journal.
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New Fringe Vid!

title: A New Day In New York Town
fandom: Fringe
music: "Everything'll Be Alright" by Joshua Radin
length: 2:41
summary: A love song for New York -- the New York that is, the New York that was, the New York that never was

Spoilers through season 3, hugs from season 4 and 5. Content warning probably the same as canon. There is violence and gore and gruesome imagery in this video.

Vid is here

Fringe Fan Fiction Survey for a thesis research project

Hey guys!

My name's Mar aka fandomize_me and I'm currently PhDing on fan cultures and audiences at Uni with a especial focus on fan fiction based on Fringe. I've been an avid fic reader all my life and a Fringe fan since I marathoned the first three seasons in less than a month two years ago, and now I found a way to put those two passions together in my thesis research. Truth is, unlike shows like Lost, X-Files or Buffy, Fringe hasn't gathered enough academic research around it yet and this is a pretty shocking fact regarding how dedicated our fandom is. We are almost a month and a half left to the series finale and there are a few works based on this wonderful series and fandom that deserve more attention and visibility from the academic community.

That's why I'm asking now for your help by participating in the survey in the link below. It's completely anonymous and it won't take you more than 20 mins tops to fill out.


A massive thank you for your collaboration,