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Two Rows Up
by templemarker

Notes: A Fringe/Hockey RPS story written because I rewatched season 1 and couldn't shake the notion. Not to mention that Joshua Jackson will always, always be Charlie from The Mighty Ducks to me, so there's a little of that too. More or less set in the first half of Fringe Season 1 with no explicit spoilers. My beta thanks to samjohnsson; this story is dedicated to you.

Available on adamao, AO3, LJ, and DW.

Peter broke into one of his broad, winning smiles, and brandished a pair of tickets. Olivia stepped closer and took them from him--Boston Bruins, it said, vs. Pittsburgh Penguins, TD Banknorth Garden.

"Hockey?" she asked, surprised, looking up to meet Peter's pleased look.

"Hockey," he confirmed, failing to hide his excitement. "I got great seats. I know a guy."
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Last year at the [community profile] fringe_kinkmeme, we had a little gift exchange, Fringe Secret Santa. This year we have moved out of the parent community and made a shiny new place of our own: [community profile] fringe_exchange. Although we are getting a late start, since this is our final season on television (but not our last exchange), we are hoping to have a good turnout. Signups begin now and end on October 31. The date to post your gifts is December 27.

All fanworks are welcome: fanart, icons, podfic, vids and fanfiction.

[community profile] fringe_exchange
A Fringe gift exchange for the holidays, signups end Oct 31st!

Come sign up, snag and icon or two and help promote the community.
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Fringe Icons in a multi-fandom icon post

Preview: Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

The rest can be found HERE @ [community profile] maleficium_gs.

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Title: Crossing the Line, Chapters 1-7 (work in progress)
Beta: [livejournal.com profile] vlada_vvv
Fandom: Fringe
Pairing: Nina Sharp/Walter Bishop/William Bell, Nina Sharp/Walter Bishop, Walter Bishop/William Bell, Nina Sharp/William Bell, brief appearance by Astrid Farnsworth
Rating: R
Spoilers: Through S3, although most of this section takes place pre-series
Summary: The lives of Nina Sharp, Walter Bishop, and William Bell intersect in interesting ways.
Disclaimier: The Fringe Universe and the characters mentioned are the property of J.J. Abrams and Bad Robot. I'm just writing this for my own amusement

A03, Dreamwidth, Livejournal.

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Title: Little Black Jacket
Rating: G
Characters: Olivia Dunham, Walter Bishop, Astrid Farnsworth, Nina Sharp, Alternate Nina Sharp, Peter Bishop
Summary: A fairy tale retelling, Fringe-style.
Author's Notes: I have no idea where this came from, but it insisted on existing. So, er, enjoy? Sort of spoilery for S4 up to 4x14 "The End of All Things."

On Dreamwidth
On AO3
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I have made icons! 23 icons from this week's episode of Fringe "Letters Of Transit" and thus the icons are spoilery. So spoilery that I'm not sure what icon to use as a teaser so I shall use a generic Walter one:

You can find the rest of the icons here at [community profile] two_inches_wide

The icons were mainly made for [community profile] thefandomzoo's "A focus on colours" challenge.

In case you are interested:

Join [community profile] thefandomzoo
A new landcomm on Dreamwidth celebrating all fandoms through graphic,
writing, and game challenges.
The Fandom Zoo is open to television, film, comics, books, and games.
Our three teams are The Badass Bears, The Drama Llamas, and The Party Penguins.

I am a Llama, and if you join and say my name I get points. :)


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Sorry the post is late. My internet has been down the last few days. But its fixed now so I can play again!!

So what did you think of this week's episode?

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http://female-fest.dreamwidth.org/4395.html(Prompt post)

Description: A multifandom fic-fest celebrating the female-centric relationship in fandom

Sign-up date/deadline: Accepting prompts through midnight, Central US time, Mid June. Masterlist of prompts go up on the 25th of June to begin claiming.

Due date: No later than September 14

Posting date: 14 August- 14 September

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Totally psyching up for this week's ep. Lets hope the fact that its Friday the 13th doesn't cause havok in the characters (or our) lives tonight. :)

As ever, discuss, squee, post links, etc in the comment. :)

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New episode last night! What did you think?

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This week has totally flown by! I haven't even got round to writing up what I thought about last week's episode but, hell, if I don't notice the time going by I can't notice that I don't have the new ep yet. :D

You can find the promo here and sneak peeks here, here and here. That second one just...
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New Ep tonight!

Feel free to use this space to squee and discuss the ep or whatever. :)

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Title: Failure of Success
Genre: Het overtones, Peter/Olivia
Rating: PG-13
Length: ~4,800 words
Spoilers: Through 4.14 (“The End of All Things”)
Warnings: Implied minor character death, mild language
Synopsis: Peter really just wants to go home, or at least the closest thing he can get to it.
Author’s Notes: Just really wanted to finish/post this before 4.15 totally Josses it all. Likely AU from the end of 4.14 forward.
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters or any of the universes in which they reside and am making no profit from this.

Read on Live Journal

Read on Dreamwidth
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Back when I started this place I posted a space for discussions each week... and then it was the summer and I wandered away. Now that I'm back I thought I'd see about resurrecting them.

Feel free to use this post to squee, talk about what you hope and when its on what you're thinking, or link to more rationed responses on your own journals. Obviously there will be spoilers in the rest of the post/comments

Below the cut I've also posted the promo for this ep.

Spoilers Below!! )

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Title: Not the Skin Which Contains Me
Rating: Mature
Summary: The alt-team become werewolves.
Characters: Alt-Olivia Dunham, Alt-Lincoln Lee, Alt-Charlie Francis, Alt-Frank Stanton
Fandom: Fringe
Spoilers: none.
Disclaimer: Not mine, etc.
Notes: Id-fic, pure and simple. I wanted the alt-team as werewolves, so, here you go. Thanks to [personal profile] chichuri for encouragement and brainstorming, especially regarding the science, and [personal profile] kerithwyn for beta reading.

Not the Skin Which Contains Me on DreamWidth.

Not the Skin Which Contains Me on the Ao3.
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It doesn't matter which universe you find yourself in or where in the timeline you fall, Olivia Dunham will still kick ass. This is a mini-tribute to her created for [livejournal.com profile] halfamoon.

Very slight spoilers for Season 4.


Link to full image on Live Journal

Link to full image on Dreamwidth
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This fest certainly seems an obvious fit for Fringe--indeed, I've already left two Fringe prompts! And I would love to see more.

Multi-Fandom Self-cest comment fic meme

Any configuration of people-with-their-alternate-selves is welcome, including RPF and crossovers.


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